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Privacy Notice for
CB Counsellor Training

Your privacy is an important priority. I am committed to always being a good custodian of all personal data of any individual who engages in any form with CB Counsellor Training (CBCT).

I aim to handle personal data in a responsible, transparent manner and secure it with industry standard administrative, technical and physical safeguards.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and follow their guidelines.

If you contact me regarding training events you are interested in attending I would like to add your email address to our mailing list for future events and will ask you, via email, to give your permission for us to do so via a return email. Your email response will be stored in a file in a locked filing cabinet within my home and your email address will then be stored electronically in our mailing list on a laptop, kept at all times in Carol Belsey’s home, in a locked filing cabinet.

The laptop and the mailing list are accessed by Carol’s husband Matthew Belsey to enable him to add new email addresses, delete email addresses upon request and send advertising emails (because Carol is not computer literate at all!).

Please note that by filling in a booking form for an event or by providing me with your email address and contact telephone number to fill in the form for you, you are allowing me access to your personal data.

The legal basis for the holding of your information within the booking form is two-fold: to allow me to contact you in case of the cancellation or postponement of an event and as part of the full record of the event.

The booking form is kept for up to 18 months in a locked filing cabinet in my home, as part of a full record of the event, until my accountant has submitted my tax return for the relevant year. after which it is destroyed by burning in an open fire.

In May 2018 the EU law ‘General Data Protection Regulation 2018’ was adopted by the UK. Under this law it is best policy to gain your written, signed consent to my holding your personal data indefinitely.

Therefore, at your first CBCT event (or the first one you attend in 2019) I will ask you to read this notice and give me your written permission to hold your name, address and telephone number indefinitely.

At this stage your details are kept on an individual ‘very old fashioned’ index card in a card index box. This box is kept in a locked filing cabinet at all times. The legal basis for the ongoing record of your personal details is to allow you to book future events without having to provide your full details each time as I already have them, which, in turn, allows me to contact you in the case of postponement or cancellation.

Cards are destroyed in a fire if you do not attend any CBCT event for three years.

I will never pass your information to a third party, without your consent, unless I am required to do so by law. Colleagues asking for recommendations of counsellors and supervisors may be given your name but will be directed to use a search engine to find your contact details.

Please note in the normal cause of events only I have access to my filing cabinets. However, in the event of my death or any incapacity which renders me unable to continue with CBCT events, my Professional Will makes provision for my mailing list to be informed and/or future delegates booked on future events to be contacted by either Matthew Belsey or one of my Professional Executors (two fellow counsellors) by accessing my mailing list, card index box and booking forms.

CB Counsellor Training has a presence on both Facebook (under the name Carol Belsey currently) and Twitter. If you engage with CBCT via these platforms I will not collect or store any of your personal data. However, you need to be aware of how these websites use your data and how you can control the way they use your data by visiting their sites.

I try to meet the highest standards when collecting and using all data and take any complaints or concerns very seriously. I encourage you to let me know if you think that my collection or use or storage is unfair, misleading or inappropriate and I welcome any suggestions for improving my procedures.

If you wish to make a complaint you can contact the ICO as the statutory body which oversees data protection law.

This policy is shown on this website at all times and will be updated regularly to ensure it continues to comply with the latest regulations and best practice.

If you would like your email address removed from our mailing list or your contact card destroyed at any time, either now or in the future, please do let us know in an email addressed to

Finally, please note: All Paypal transactions are subject to the Paypal Privacy Policy. We, as an independent controller when processing information, will employ reasonable administrative, technical and physical measures to maintain the security and confidentiality of any and all Paypal data and information, including data and information about Paypal users and Paypal. Paypal is also a controller when processing your information so please do see the Paypal Privacy Policy.

Carol Belsey 2nd Edition.
Amended 30th Dec 2018.

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