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Level 6 Course in Counselling Supervision 2024-2025 – Online Course

Instalment payment plan will be available

(Following successful interview)

Online Training Days
14th Sept 2024
12th Oct 2024
9th Nov 2024
14th Dec 2024
18th Jan 2025
15th Feb 2025
15th Mar 2025
12th Apr 2025
10th May 2025
14th June 2025

10am to 4pm

Limited to 14 Learners

We are  currently interviewing for our September 2024 cohort. If you would like to apply for an interview please contact us using the ‘Request an interview’ button on the right hand side. 

This course is open to all counsellors trained to a minimum of Level 4 in any modality, with at least three years’ post qualification experience and at least 450 hours of supervised client hours (including those gained whilst a student counsellor), who are receiving supervision for a minimum of 1.5 hours per month and are a member of a counselling professional body.

Counsellors will be invited to join the course following a successful online informal interview.

Course Outline

This Level 6 (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, graduate certificate) Course in Counselling Supervision

  • Aligns with and incorporates the current BACP Curriculum Framework
  • Covers the key counselling supervision skills required for this profession
  • Has 10 comprehensive modules which build an extensive knowledge base
  • Considers the essential topic of Equality, Diversity, Difference & Inclusion throughout the course and specifically in a dedicated module with a dedicated assignment
  • Considers Creative skills & strategies
  • Skills are adaptable for in person and remote supervision situations
  • Blends experiential, practical and theoretical learning (to reach all learning styles)
  • Takes place on 10 live tutor led Webinars (no travel / location costs or concerns)
  • Live skills practice with observational feedback from tutors using a wide range of diverse case studies to increase your learning and understanding
  • Course materials (video lectures, slides and selected relevant articles / pre-reading) sent ahead of each module to enable preparation & facilitate your own study planning
  • All course materials can be accessed for the duration of the course (enabling pre-class learning & revision for assignments)
  • In class Assignment tutorials plus
  • Individual 1:1 tutor time (45 mins. tba at a time to suit you) to further assist, guide & support you through any aspect of the course and assignments.
  • Access to a large library of relevant articles
  • Access to a range of demo videos with excerpts of supervision sessions with fictionalised client material
  • Small & friendly group learning (up to 14 Learners per intake).  Tutor and assistant tutor for each training day plus support from our Director of Learning and admin assistant.
  • Robust Regular Quality Assurance by Director of Learning & external verification by accrediting body OCN London.  Three days of each 10 day course is quality assured.
  • Syllabus subject to slight alterations as the course is continually updated.

About the tutors:

Our tutors are experienced professionals in the field of Psychotherapy and Counselling as well as being experienced tutors and assistant tutors within this field. Therefore, as well as having years of knowledge and experience, they also know how to teach, train and facilitate others learning & development so that you get the most out of the course.

About the training organisation:

CBCT Ltd has been established and recognised for 14 years as a counselling training provider
Fully Insured
Reasonably priced, with no hidden costs (no VAT) (*a small charge will be levied for late assignment submissions)
Accredited courses
Run by practicing counselling / psychotherapy professionals
Encourages reflective learning
Comprehensive syllabus
Accessible admin & tutor support

Learner responsibilities:

To take responsibility for own learning, especially the ‘flipped learning’ aspect of the course. This includes video lectures and pre-reading before each live webinar. Whilst not a criterion to complete the course, you are encouraged to keep a learning journal.

Learners are expected to contribute to all aspects of the live training days and engage with all group members during group activities to further advance the cohort’s learning. Practice time is built into every module and assessment of engagement is carried out throughout the course.

To maximise and safeguard their attendance to achieve a minimum of 85% attendance of the live Webinars.

A note about offering group supervision: This course will equip you to work 1:1 with supervisees and your supervisee hours required for the course are only to be obtained in 1:1 supervision sessions. This course doesn’t cover the extensive subject of group facilitation. Therefore once an individual passes the course the onus is on them to decide ethically whether they need more training in group facilitation before embarking on offering group supervision, in consultation with their supervisor of their supervision work, or whether they all ready have a background in/good knowledge of working with groups and can proceed to offering group supervision.

Disclaimer: We ask that you do not start working with supervisees until you have attended the first 3 training days of the course. In addition, please ensure you do not begin working with supervisees until you and your supervisor both feel the course has given you sufficient knowledge and confidence in your abilities to allow you to do so. Please ensure you have the agreement of your supervisor and you make an ethically sound decision. Please ensure your supervisor has previous experience of working with trainee supervisors.

Overseas learners: This online course is open to learners living overseas and outside of the UK. Please note that we are a UK based training provider and are therefore governed by UK jurisdiction and will only be able to refer to UK laws and UK Ethical Frameworks.

A minimum of 85% attendance of the 10 online study days (10am – 4pm). 

Before interview we require:

A completed interview booking form which includes your supervisor’s details.
A copy of your Level 4 or above core training certificate.
A log showing 450 client hours. Please indicate those before qualification and those since. If you are a BACP Accredited counsellor you may provide this certificate instead.
A log showing all supervision undertaken in the last year.

After interview we will:

Contact your supervisor to confirm your supervision log. We will also ask them to confirm that they feel you are ready to progress onto this training and that they have previously worked with trainee supervisors (at least two or three).

At the beginning of the course/or before you start working with supervisees:

You will need to ensure you are working with a supervisor who has good experience of supervising trainee supervisors to support your work as you undertake the course and one who has been approved by CBCT Ltd (see above).

During the course:

Our tutors will use ongoing assessment to consider your commitment to the course, the pre-module work, its modules (training days) and practical exercises. Any concerns about absences/experience missed and/or commitment to the course and its work and exercises (including triad work) or readiness to work as supervisors will be discussed with the Director of Learning and a meeting convened with the learner.

At the end of the course:

A portfolio which contains:

  • Three 3000-word pass marked assignments
  • A log showing a minimum of 40 hours counselling supervision practice with at least two supervisees (not seen as a pair or in a group).
  • A log showing a minimum of 10 hours of consultative supervision with an approved supervisor.
  • A completed evaluation leaflet, provided towards the end of the course.
  • Tutor/s positive recommendation that the learner is suitably skilled in offering supervision to pass the course.
  • Whilst not to be submitted, you are strongly encouraged to keep a learning journal whilst on the course as this is a highly reflective course.

Once you have completed your hours above (no time limit) we will:

  • Ask your supervisor to confirm your supervision logs.
  • Ask your supervisor to complete a form which asks them to give their view of your supervision work. Each learner will need to reach ‘Satisfactory’ in each section of the form to complete this criteria.

Total contact with facilitator per day 4.5 hours
45 contact hours

Additional private study to be undertook before each study day 3 -5 hours (depends on your speed of reading and digesting materials)

30 – 50 hours

In addition, counsellors will be expected to commit at least 20 hours in assignment preparation and optional background reading. 

“You don’t know what you don’t know about being a Supervisor until you have attended this course”

“The standard of the course is very high and therefore I feel very much gave me value for money”

“Care and thought was given to the individual needs of the participants creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere”

” The staff are really approachable and helpful in helping you to achieve”

“I enjoyed how ethics underpinned all our work together”

“Having tutored on Level 2s and 3s and supported on Level 4s myself, I was wary about starting with  a new training provider. CB Counsellor Training Ltd exceeded any expectations and has further heightened my standards of what is good tutoring from some providers and what is frankly, unacceptable at others”

” This course equipped me to be the best I can – ethics were spot on. Has made me reflect on the inappropriate day’s training to supervise which I attended previously. Absolutely not enough”

“I have liked the mix of theory and practical. I think the course has been extremely well planned and I have appreciated receiving the study notes and power point presentations in advance which has allowed me to study at a time that is suitable for me.”

“This course really broadened my thinking and knowledge and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I now feel well equipped to begin offering supervision. The course is great value for money and I know it will enable me to gain paid employment.”

” The intellectual challenge has been a delight and the course has been a perfect combination of theory and practice.”

“This Level 6 course gave me confidence and further understanding to develop my own practice as a supervisor”.

“I found the discussions around diversity, equality and inclusion particularly useful and attending this course has been a joy.”

“I would highly recommend CB Counsellor Training, Our course was most definitely value for money”.

“The course exceeded my expectations – I have really travelled in terms of confidence and knowledge.”

“At a time when the profession needs to be tightening up and improving around ethics and fitness to
practice, I would like to think I am taking a really solid and high standard out into the profession to cascade down to others”

“The course was excellent. The presentation by the facilitators was clear and there were a huge amount of very varied materials provided and it has given me a good breadth of knowledge around ethical and inclusive supervision”

“This has been a significant and joyful part of this year’s journey for me and has re-ignited my enthusiasm for my future as a counsellor and supervisor.”

“The course has been planned to accommodate many different learning styles”

“The training provider is very strict on ensuring the right people are selected for the course and this is underpinned by a thorough assessment process. Having spoken with colleagues that have completed other supervision courses, I know I made the right decision to complete this course”

“Excellent learning materials”

“The facilitators are really approachable and helpful. Both tutors are very knowledgeable and clearly know their subject really well.  I appreciate the professional standards set with clear boundaries which reflect the sector appropriately”

“I liked the mix of theory and practical.  The course has been extremely well planned and I appreciated receiving the study notes and power point presentations in advance which allowed me to study at a time that was suitable for me.  The timetable has been well structured with the opportunity to put theory in to practice in the afternoon sessions”

“The course is incredibly thorough and provides a deep understanding of the role of clinical supervision. I have recently taken on the role of Supervisor at my agency and this would not have been possible without the course”

“The course has been planned to accommodate many different learning styles”

“CBCT is very strict on ensuring the right people are selected for the course and this is underpinned by a thorough assessment process.  Having spoken with colleagues that have completed other supervision courses, I know I made the right decision to complete this course and feel confident in my supervisory role at the agency where I work”

“It was particularly useful to be able to share thoughts and ideas with other counsellors and learn form their work”

“The course has already enhanced my professional life and led to a promotion at the agency where I work”

“This course more than met my expectations”

“The course is incredibly thorough and provides a deep understanding of the role of clinical supervision”

“The staff have looked after our class well with their boundaries and ensured ethics have been followed throughout. All are approachable and supportive”

“The tutorials, both in class and individual, are useful”

“The course has already enhanced my professional life and led to a promotion at the agency where I work.  I really enjoy the role of supervisor ”

“The course exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure how I would find it being all online but it hasn’t felt ‘distanced’ ”

“Taking the time to learn the ethics and understand practising as a supervisor and how to use supervision has enhanced my self-awareness and my work as a counsellor”.

“I am already really reaping the benefits of the training. I am getting more out of my own supervision sessions and I am enjoying giving workplace support to teaching/support staff in school”

“The course saw me become more reflective on my own practise with clients and supervisees and highlighted areas I need to research or gain knowledge on.  It has made me more aware of the whole social concept that needs to be taken into consideration and the importance of keeping up to date with relevant policies and understanding”

“When researching Supervision courses, I wanted training which taught me the right way to be an ethical Supervisor. I knew the course was going to be challenging and a long route into becoming qualified, but that sits right with me; rather than attending a 1-2 day course where I skipped out with a certificate not feeling prepared for what the role of a Supervisor really entails. This course has given me the confidence I need to work as a professional Supervisor”

Richard Carroll MBACP (Snr Accred)
Course Tutor

Richard has been a counsellor for almost 20 years and is a BACP accredited counsellor.

He has worked in many different settings including a GP surgery; a drug and alcohol recovery agency; various schools and colleges. He currently works in a university counselling service and in private practice.

Richard is a qualified teacher and has taught counselling, health and social care and early childhood studies for 11 years. He currently teaches on a BSc (Hons) in Counselling, although over the years he has taught counselling from Level 1 to Level 7.

Richard has been supervising for 10 years and has counselled counsellors, social workers, teachers, child-protection officers and midwives and brings his knowledge and understanding of supervising individuals and groups to our Level 6 course.

Suzanne Bunt (MBACP Accred)
Assistant Tutor

Suzanne qualified as a counsellor in 2006 and works with children, young people and adults. She has experience working in several forums including Schools, GP Surgeries, Charites and Private Practice. Suzanne specialises in working with Deaf, hard of hearing people and people with communication difficulties and holds a Level 3 in Teaching and Education, alongside her counselling qualifications. 

Suzanne previously worked in education, social care and charity sectors assessing and supporting people to cope with a variety of issues for more than 30 years and now supporting parents is a particularly important part of her work.

Suzanne runs parenting groups in schools and offers one to one support for parents and carers, believing this supports them to be able to meet their children’s emotional and physical needs.

She believes everyone can benefit emotionally and physically from having their own toolbox of skills, to support themselves and having worked with the profoundly deaf, Suzanne is a proficient communicator in sign language, which has been a useful skill not only for interpretation, but also in shifting her own thinking style to help her understand body language and nonverbal communication.

Carol Belsey BA (Hons) MBACP (Snr. Accred)
Director of Learning
Carol Belsey

Carol has been a counsellor of all ages from 5- 99 since 2006 and the owner of and Director of Learning for CB Counsellor Training Ltd since 2010 and holds a Level 3 in Education and Teaching, alongside her counselling qualifications.

Additionally, Carol works in Private Practice, as the Lead Counsellor of East Surrey Counselling Group, running two counselling rooms in Godstone. Surrey, where the counsellors specialise in working with children and young people, alongside their adult work.

Previously Carol worked for Dialogue, YMCA Brighton & Hove as a school counsellor in both Primary and Senior schools and for Surrey Family Mediation Service as a Child and Adolescent Counsellor.

Previous roles, whilst training to become a counsellor, include time as a Teaching Assistant and Therapeutic Learning Mentor.

Carol is both passionate about counselling for all ages but especially children and young people and providing reasonable priced training for fellow counsellors and has enjoyed CBCT becoming an OCN London Centre for Accredited Post-qualification Counselling Courses.

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