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Q: What format do course interviews take?

A: Our Director of Learning, Carol, interviews potential learners, via Zoom.  The interview is informal and lasts approximately 45 minutes. Carol sends the Zoom link in the week before the interview takes place. Counsellors are invited to register for an interview in strict waiting list order. Sometimes Carol will be joined by the tutor/s of the course and/or our Admin Assistant Paul.

Q: What if the course I want to do is oversubscribed?

A: We can add you to our waiting list and we will be in contact in due course if we are able to offer you an interview.  Email us at if you would like to join our waiting list, indicating which course you are interested in.

Being on our waiting list means that you will receive an invite to be interviewed as soon as places become available on future courses.

Q: Does completing a course mean I can join the BACP?

A: We suggest that you contact the BACP directly or review their website for information on minimum membership criteria.

Q: Do you accept adult learner loans in payment for your courses?

A: We are unable to accept adult learner loans as we are not registered with the government for this service and as a small independent organisation would not be able to do so currently.

Q: Are your courses always on-line?

A: We have no plans currently to return to in-person courses held in a venue as being online allows us to work with counsellors from across Great Britain and beyond and with counsellors who are isolated by their location or additional needs.

However, if we are approached by a group of counsellors who all wish to attend our course together (or an agency wishing to train a group of their staff at the same time) we will consider all requests to run an in-person version of the course. Please note the fee per person would be increased from our currently advertised prices to cover all expenses.

Q: How is the training delivered?

A: Many of our courses are advertised as being online which means participants will join those courses via Zoom. We are currently running a small number of face-to-face courses, but these are usually restricted to those where it would not be possible to run them via Zoom. We will continue to monitor the situation regarding COVID – please check the website for further details.

Q: Is a Level 5 or a Level 6 the equivalent of a ‘Diploma’?

A: Counsellor and psychotherapy ‘training standards vary significantly that a counselling diploma can represent five minutes online or two years hard graft, juggling assignments, lectures and supervised placements whilst holding down a life’   

(Julie May, BACP Board, Therapy Today May 2019)

 We take transparency and honesty seriously and do not want to call our courses something they should not be legally called. Many words are used across the Counselling and Psychotherapy profession to describe courses, including ‘diploma’ and ‘qualification’ but their use in our unregulated field is not recognised by Ofqual and therefore can mean anything.

The level of our courses is recognised within a national framework and they are accredited by an Ofqual audited, regulated and licensed body (OCN London) to ensure high standards, which includes the rigorous internal and external moderation of assignments.

Q: Are your courses accredited by the BACP?

A: The BACP does not currently accredit post graduate training courses, only Counselling and Psychotherapy core trainings and therefore courses cannot be described as ‘accredited by the BACP’.

Once you pass one of our courses you can advertise, using our Level 5 Counselling C & YP Course as an example, under your qualifications as follows:

“Level 5 (OCN London Accredited) Course in Counselling Children and Young People”

CB Counsellor Training Ltd


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