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Counselling Children and Young People Jan - Nov 2025 Friday cohort

Instalment payment plan will be available

(Following successful interview)

Online Training Days
10th Jan 2025
7th Feb 2025
7th Mar 2025
4th Apr 2025
2nd May 2025
13th Jun 2025
4th Jul 2025
5th Sep 2025
3rd Oct 2025
7th Nov 2025

10am to 4pm

Limited to 12 Learners

Interviews for the 2025 Friday cohort will start in September 2024. If you would like to apply for an interview please contact us using the ‘Request an interview’ button on the right hand side. 

This on-line course is open to qualified counsellors who hold a Level 4 qualification or above in counselling of any modality, who are receiving supervision for a minimum of 1.5 hours per month and are a member of a counselling professional body. Counsellors must be qualified before the first on-line training day of the course.

Course Outline

This 10 day online course is full of useful content and learning and is ideal for those who enjoy a mixture of live online learning within a small cohort of up to 12 and independently driven learning, as the course incorporates both. 

Learners will be expected to read our three course guides before the course commences,  view video content and read papers within the two weeks prior to each training day and should allow 3 hours for these tasks as each training days’ content will build upon the video and will be directly related to some of the papers’ content. 

Learners should also allow an additional minimum of 20 hours across the course for background reading and assessment completion (2 assignments due after the end of the course).  

The on-line training days are all Fridays and run from 10am to 4pm and will give 4.5 hours learning hours each, with ample breaks to move away from the screen.

The dates of the course and the content (syllabus subject to slight alterations as the course is continually updated) can be found by clicking on Course Dates tab below.

This Course, accredited by OCN London, is for qualified, practicing counsellors and psychotherapists. It will cover both Part 1 of the BACP’s Counselling Young People (11-18 years) training curriculum and Part 1 of the BACP’s Counselling Children (4-10 years) training curriculum.

There is rising concern for the mental health of young people and this course will provide a clear and relevant understanding of the basic professional knowledge and skills needed to be an effective counsellor of children and young people and will allow counsellors to explore and increase their knowledge and clinical skills in their work with children and young people, in line with the current expectations of the profession.

Whilst we welcome learners who are members of any of the Counselling and Psychotherapy Professional Membership bodies, this course currently actively engages participants with the BACP Ethical Framework and the course will apply it to best practice in counselling children and young people, promoting the best outcomes for young people and their mental health and encouraging counsellors to practice in ethical and effective ways.

Using both theory and practical activities, the course will encourage individual and group learning and will be ideal for those who recognise the importance of practical learning – crucial in working with this age group.

Participants will be expected to take responsibility for their own learning, especially the 3 hours per month of directed individual learning (video content and papers).

Our facilitator will use communicative education techniques throughout and participants must be willing to engage with all the group members during all group and break out room activities, to further advance all participants’ learning.

The three Course Guides will be provided to each learner at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the course.

Once you have completed our Level 5 you may chose to complete our NEW Level 6 short, independent learning Course in Counselling Children and Young People.

Please note: The Level 6 is only open to counsellors who have completed our Level 5.

For details click here.

A minimum of 85% attendance of the 10 study days (please do try to attend all the dates as Mary Clair will be unable to revisit topics)

Evidence of your Level 4 or above core training certificate (please send with your  pre-interview course booking form)

A copy of your Professional Body membership (please send with your pre-interview course booking form)

Full prompt payment of the Course fees

One 3000 word pass marked assignment

One 4000 word pass marked assignment

A log showing a minimum of 40 hours counselling practice with at least two people under 18 (not seen as a pair or in groups).

A completed course evaluation leaflet


Please note: We will accept hours gained from the first day of the course onwards. However, if you have not provided counselling for Children and Young People before please do not start working with them until you feel the course has given you sufficient knowledge and confidence in your abilities for you to do so and you have the agreement of your supervisor and can make an ethically sound decision to begin to do so.

Please note that, if you are a member of the BACP, their Training Curriculums ask you not to begin working with C & YP until you have attended all of the course dates.

There is not a cut off date by which hours need to be gained.

A log showing a minimum of 10 hours of consultative supervision with a suitably qualified and/or experienced supervisor. Supervision hours to be from the beginning of the course.

A report from your supervisor confirming you have attended a minimum of 10 hours of consultative supervision and stating that sufficient growth in the role and learning has been demonstrated for you to pass the course.

A letter from your supervisor outlining their qualifications and/or experience in working with under 18’s. This may be in the form of a CV. It is important that your supervisor is or has extensively worked with C & YP.

Mary Clair is warm and approachable and her knowledge exemplary”

“Each session was relaxed. I loved the group dynamic and the ease we had learning together, even on Zoom. Check in sessions at the beginning of each day and the breakout rooms helped with this”

“Mary Clair manages to make sense of theories that I had not previously grasped”

“I found the mix of video, slides and handouts helpful as these catered for individual learning styles”

“My learning has been supported by the balance of different elements”

“Initially when I joined the course I thought the syllabus looked like a repeat of what I learned on my Level 4, however I couldn’t have been more wrong. To learn how to adapt the theories to the work carried out with CYP was empowering and enhanced my practice from day 1”

“This course and certificate gives credence to my practice and is the start of the foundation for future learning”

“Group dynamics are achieved on Zoom as Mary Clair engages well with the group and encourages their development”

“Connecting with a group of CYP counsellors is so helpful”

“Mary Clair makes the learning material relevant and interesting”

“This course exceeded my expectations, I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it, great to link in with colleagues throughout the UK, a real benefit of working online”

” I did not expect such a wide range of materials, from reading guides to videos and slides plus supplementary material. Outstanding”

“My knowledge has expanded and I feel much more confident to continue my work with CYP”

A poem from one member of our Summer School online course 2021 given to the cohort on her last day and included here with her permission –  Shorter testimonials continue below it.

I came on this course primarily

To get a bit of paper,

To help me in my role at school,

And make me feel much safer


I didn’t have a clue,

what a journey it would be,

In the space of just 2 weeks,

I am a more developed me


Freud, Klein, Winnicott, Beck

To name but just a few,

Laid such strong foundations,

Underpinning what we do


Learning all this theory

Is without doubt beneficial,

Tools, techniques, resources,

I now feel more official


But most of all, above all this,

I thank each one of you,

So sharing, open, trusting and honest,

I want you in my crew!


Mary Clair, its only fair,

There’s a verse here just for you,

Your knowledge, wisdom, warmth and passion,

has every day shone through


So thank you, thank you everyone

This ending is bittersweet,

A bunch of 12 more lovely people,

I could not have wished to meet.


“As a newly qualified counsellor it was beneficial to me to hear of other’s experiences”

“I loved having the videos I could just watch and listen to when I wanted to”

“An enormous array of resources – videos, power point and reading materials”

“The reading material has ignited my interest in further reading and research”

“I feel more confident and I can apply for more jobs”

“I am recommending this course to colleagues”

“I felt no question was silly and Mary Clair made time for everyone’s questions”

“The course reading, videos and discussions gave me lots of content to use in my assignments”

“I have a better understanding of child and teenage development now”

“The course really helped me see the differences between working with CYP and adult clients”

“Mary Clair inspired confidence via her delivery of the course”

“I was happy I invested in this course and found it really good. It has helped me greatly with my confidence and ability”

“The number of us on the course was just right so we got views from others without there being too much” (max.12).

“The course was delivered splendidly!”

“Gaining this Level 5 will allow me to expand my current professional work to enable me to work with children”

“Mary Clair kept us on track with consistent, respectful boundaries”

“I was very impressed with this course”

“Mary Clair is a great teacher, very knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and good with boundaries”

“Being able to watch the theory in video form prior to each session gave me the chance to consider the content and then undertake discussion within the group. This consolidated how I thing about things”

“Mary Clair has strong communication and interpersonal skills that make her an excellent teacher”

“This course was extremely good value and I would highly recommend it”

“The reading was useful and I will return to it”

“I particularly enjoyed the video content”

“The tutor’s knowledge was in my opinion to an exceptional level”

“Mary Clair promotes a feeling of safety within the group and we felt able to explore ideas and concerns without being anxious about how that may be received”

“really helpful to be able to pay monthly”

“This course has definitely increased my confidence in my ability to work with this client base”

“I have been able to refer to the course content when working with CYP and it has helped my confidence when working”

“I think having passed this course will enhance my future career prospects ”

” I am surprised at how useful I found it to consider the developmental theories of CYP and look at the overlap and progression of theories. I think this has broadened my view of different modalities”

“Mapping to the competencies of my professional body and the tutor real life experience has enhanced my learning”

” The content of the course has certainly enhanced my practice and given me greater confidence in my work with CYP. It has both firmed up and built on the foundation that I already had”

“Deeply informed me of the ethics, theory and differences of working with CYP”

“I believe I have obtained a thorough overview of working with CYP, my understanding of theory/skills has improved and this has increased my confidence in my client work”

“The shared personal experiences helped make the learning come to life”

“The shared resources are very helpful and connected theory with practice”

“Value for money”  “Courses are often so expensive so I was happy with the price of this course”

“Having the videos and papers to refer to has been very useful”

“I was very grateful for the facilitator’s natural warmth and approachability”

“This is a great course! it is well structured and I feel it’s giving me the knowledge and confidence to work in this area. I’ve particularly benefitted from being with other counsellors who bring different views and theory to life and make it practical.”

“I feel really privileged to be on a course with such expertise. Mary Clair is amazing at presenting the material. I have learned so much already and cannot wait each month for the next course date. I get excited about it.”

“Mary Clair is probably one of the most inspirational counsellors working with C & YP I have come across. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to take on this course as it really gives you depth and a robust framework to be able to work competently with the young. I simply love it and have used so much already. I cannot wait to learn more.”

“Carol is always on hand to answer questions and runs a tight ship, boundaries are kept.”

“I have found the course very informative and enjoyable. It has supported me in my new job as a school counsellor by consolidating what I do know and making me more informed about what I need to know. It has also added to my confidence about working within the BACP guidelines for counselling young people.”

“From enquiry to starting the course communication has been excellent. Carol is a great organiser and Mary Clair is a fantastic facilitator. The course is refreshing my brain and I am learning more which is giving me more confidence to start working with young people.”

“Joining this course was a great decision.”

“Mary Clair has a warm, approachable and humorous way of teaching. Her knowledge and experience are used to illustrate the topics taught”

“I am really fond of Mary Clair – lovely, approachable, and clearly very experienced and knowledgeable”

“This course covers all the foundational elements and provides an exceptionally good basis and stepping stone onto further study”

“Carol and Mary Clair’s enormous efforts allow this course to be taught on line in a professional and supportive way”

“I found the law and ethics sessions very informative. I have much more clarity in applying theoretical approaches to CYP and deeper awareness of potential risks of working with these vulnerable age groups”

“I feel more confident in dealing with parents’ expectations and ethical dilemmas”

“I’ve worked with CYP for 7 years and it’s been great to revisit theories, topics and theoretical models, child development, legal issues, ethical issues which has boosted my confidence and deepened my knowledge”

“The course validated my work experience and will hopefully open up more work opportunities”

“The course organisation is excellent”

Richard Carroll MBACP (Snr Accred)
Course Tutor
Mary Clair

After setting out as a bereavement volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Care, Mary Clair worked for five years as a Special Educational Needs Learning Support Assistant in a mainstream state secondary school while undergoing her training as an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.

She now provides therapy for children from a variety of backgrounds aged 5-18 years in private practice and also as a Counsellor in a Senior school.

Previously as a School Counsellor at one of the country’s few state-run boarding schools she was instrumental in developing and delivering a highly successful counselling service. She has also consulted on provision of in-school support and reducing school refusal in other schools in Tandridge.

Her training experience includes her posts as Training Facilitator for Jigsaw South East, a children’s bereavement charity, and training young people in peer support for 11-25 year olds for mental health charity, Mindfull.

More recently she wrote and delivered an accredited Level 4 course for other therapists on counselling children and young people before converting it to our Level 5 course and she runs Inset sessions on various subjects including bereavement and self-care for newly qualified teachers.

A passionate advocate for better understanding of development and mental health, she is currently writing a book for parents based on what she has learned though her work and personal experience.

Suzanne Bunt (MBACP Accred)
Assistant Tutor

Suzanne qualified as a counsellor in 2006 and works with children, young people and adults. She has experience working in several forums including Schools, GP Surgeries, Charites and Private Practice. Suzanne specialises in working with Deaf, hard of hearing people and people with communication difficulties and holds a Level 3 in Teaching and Education, alongside her counselling qualifications. 

Suzanne previously worked in education, social care and charity sectors assessing and supporting people to cope with a variety of issues for more than 30 years and now supporting parents is a particularly important part of her work.

Suzanne runs parenting groups in schools and offers one to one support for parents and carers, believing this supports them to be able to meet their children’s emotional and physical needs.

She believes everyone can benefit emotionally and physically from having their own toolbox of skills, to support themselves and having worked with the profoundly deaf, Suzanne is a proficient communicator in sign language, which has been a useful skill not only for interpretation, but also in shifting her own thinking style to help her understand body language and nonverbal communication.

Carol Belsey BA (Hons) MBACP (Snr. Accred)
Director of Learning
Carol Belsey

Carol has been a counsellor of all ages from 5- 99 since 2006 and the owner of and Director of Learning for CB Counsellor Training Ltd since 2010 and holds a Level 3 in Education and Teaching, alongside her counselling qualifications.

Additionally, Carol works in Private Practice, as the Lead Counsellor of East Surrey Counselling Group, running two counselling rooms in Godstone. Surrey, where the counsellors specialise in working with children and young people, alongside their adult work.

Previously Carol worked for Dialogue, YMCA Brighton & Hove as a school counsellor in both Primary and Senior schools and for Surrey Family Mediation Service as a Child and Adolescent Counsellor.

Previous roles, whilst training to become a counsellor, include time as a Teaching Assistant and Therapeutic Learning Mentor.

Carol is both passionate about counselling for all ages but especially children and young people and providing reasonable priced training for fellow counsellors and has enjoyed CBCT becoming an OCN London Centre for Accredited Post-qualification Counselling Courses.

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