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Level 6 Course in Counselling Children and Young People 2025



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November 2024 - March 2025

Group Tutorial
April 2025

Assignment due
July 2025

Please advise Carol Belsey if
you are interested in
joining this course

Limited to 12 Learners

Our Level 6 ‘Top up’ Independent Learning Course

For 2024 and beyond we have introduced a ‘top up’ short independent learning course which will allow you to ‘upgrade’, if you wish to, your Level 5 in Counselling Children and Young People to a Level 6, also accredited by OCN London.

This Level 6 is only open to counsellors who have attended and passed our Level 5 CYP Course and the course is open to our learners once they have passed the Level 5 Assignments within their first or second submission.

The cost for the 2025 cohort will be £500. Please note this may raise for 2026 depending on costs and the course is only open to 12 counsellors per year. Counsellors are booked on to the course between November and March and we will provide all of the materials at the beginning of April.  The full fee is due by 31st March each year.

As there isn’t a live teaching element within this short top up course it is ideal for those who enjoy independent driven learning and research, would like to move to holding a Level 6 in Counselling Children and Young People and can take responsibility for their own learning and assignment completion.

Course outline

To pass this Level 6 you will need to:

  • Pass one assignment (a 4000-word case study due at the end of July).
  • Attend a group tutorial in April.
  • Read /Watch 10 additional resources.
  • Complete an additional 20 clinical practice hours with at least two clients under 18.
  • Complete an additional 5 hours of CYP only Supervision hours.
  • Read the course guides.
  • Complete an evaluation leaflet.

Everything learned with us during your Level 5 will be invaluable in helping you to complete the case study assignment and you will have both a group tutorial and a 30 minute one- to-one tutorial with Mary Clair Kelly to discuss the assignment.

Course joining criteria:

Completion of your Level 5 in Counselling Children and Young People with CBCT Ltd.

* The assignment requires a good level of written English and an ability to utilise an array of research materials and to reference these correctly using the Harvard Referencing System.  We will expect the use of at least 8- 10 resources over and above the L5 and L6’s reading list materials. Therefore, you will need to have demonstrated an ability to write well at Level 5 and to have passed both your Level 5 Assignments on your first attempt or within one resubmission. We will refer to your earlier work before offering you a place on the course.

Please note: If you have been diagnosed with a condition or illness since completing our Level 5 we require that you inform us if you feel or know this will affect your ability to complete the assignment. We will book a short online meeting with you to discuss the support you feel you will require to complete the course before we offer you a place on the course.

Please advise us once you have passed your Level 5 if you wish to progress to the next Level 6 cohort.

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