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Level 6 OCN London Course in Counselling Supervision Terms and Conditions
2021 Cohort

Please read, print and retain for your records.

Allocation of places will be subject to facilitator (Maggie Curran) and Course Director’s (Carol Belsey) agreement. Their decision to invite a qualified counsellor to apply for the course, once an interview has taken place, and/or to accept a qualified counsellor to the course will be final.

CB Counsellor Training reserves the right to cancel the Course if minimum numbers of 10 participants are not reached. In this event a full refund will be made.

The course deposit of £400 is due by 15th August 2021. The deposit is non-refundable, except if the course is cancelled.

The balance of the course is due by 31st August 2021.

Please note: Alternatively, the course balance of £1000 can be paid in instalments via a monthly standing order starting on                      .

The schedule for instalment payments is

15th September 2021   £200

15th October 2021        £200

15th November 2021    £200

15th December 2021    £200

15th January 2022        £200

The Courses Director will not chase payments. it is each learner’s responsibility to ensure that their payments arrive on time. Failure to pay/getting behind with payments may result in learners being asked to leave the course.

Failure to pay the deposit and/or balance on time may see your place being denied and given to another counsellor on our waiting list.

If you wish to resign from the Course ay any stage please write to Carol Belsey, Course Director. The deposit of £400 is non-refundable at all stages of the course.

Each study day incurs a cost (above the £400 deposit) of £75. Therefore, on the day your letter/email resigning from the course arrives any excess money held by CB Counsellor Training on your behalf, already paid in full or by standing order will be refunded to you,  minus an admin charge of £10, until Day 7. From day 7’s training day no refunds will be made and the full fee for the course will be payable and will be retained.

If you owe CB Counsellor Training any funds an invoice will be sent to you and payment will be expected within one month. The invoice will state the terms for late payments.

No refunds will be given for individual dates missed by a participant.

A receipt will be issued for your deposit and a second one once all the balance has been paid.  Receipts will be sent by email. Please retain these receipts for your records. Duplicate receipts incur an admin charge of £10 to be paid before the duplicate is made available.

Those not reaching all the criteria for the course will be awarded a certificate of attendance if they have attended 80% of the course, by CBCT if requested.  This can be converted to the course completion certificate upon completion of all of the criteria, at a later date. Please see the Course Guide for more details. The Course guides will be forwarded to you 2 weeks before the course starts.

Those unable to attend 80% of the course will be awarded a certificate of attendance stating the hours attended, if requested and will not be able to complete the course.

All learners are to ensure they are insured to work as trainee supervisors.

We take your privacy very seriously and will only use personal information given above to provide the products, services and information you have requested from us or to administer your account.

All details will be destroyed once your training relationship with us comes to an end.

Disclaimer: Please do start working with supervisees until you have attended 4 days of the course. Pleas ensure you do not begin working with supervisees until you and your supervisor both feel the course has given you sufficient knowledge and confidence in your abilities to allow you to do so.  Please ensure you have the agreement of your supervisor and you make an ethically sound decision.

Overseas learners:

This online course is open to learners living overseas and outside of the UK. Please note that we are a UK based training provider and are therefore governed by UK jurisdiction and will only be able to refer to UK laws and UK Ethical Frameworks within our course.

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